LeadingQuest, Parlacom talk about their edge in the M2M Market

As recent survey led by Infonetics Research, showed that most M2M providers basically offer national scope, online administration and management of systems as well as SLAs. Almost 50% of all M2M connections additionally are set on auto and transportation, logistics, and ulitity provisions. It is revealed that most systems are still operating on 2G networks. Despite recent development in LTE, the fourth generation of mobile specification, a number of companies still prefer to use 2G networks for their M2M servicessince equipment and transmission cost are usually lower and has minimal need for high speed connection. However, this may generate concerns later on.

Multi-Tech VP of Business Development and Communication, also affirmed this and said, “The 2G GSM network has been a staple of the M2M market and the upcoming change will impact hundreds of thousands of connected devices,”

LeadingQuest CEO, Clovis Lacerda, however, believes that LeadingQuest and Parlacom Brazil has the biggest advantage in this aspect since the M2M services and connections offered to their clients operates on 3G networks. Currently, Parlacom has over 200,000 devices in operation all over Brazil serving thousands of companies. He emphasized that Parlacom has the industry’s best M2M 3G Virtual Private Network ideal for M2M needs in telemetry, tracking, asset security, and POS systems.

Parlacom offers a unique and reliable technology that utilizes a cloud-based platform thereby allowing small and large businesses to enjoy M2M benefits with minimal to no infrastructure requirement. It also offers complete and real time control of 3G handsets used for managing M2M applications for GPS vehicle tracking, fleet management and remote monitoring. According to Mr. Lacerda, LeadingQuest, Parlacom offer business solutions that allow clients to take control of their business right at the tip of their finger.

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