Predictive Maintenance Information Over Cloud-based M2M Platform

As Manufacturing and Industrial enterprises inevitably take the lead in generating revenue for the M2M market, several different companies have taken advantage of this. Not only did these companies want to increase profit but also to create cost-efficient systems.

Take for example, B&B Electronics, a US networking equipment supplier has partnered with an Internet of Things specialist to offer predictive monitoring systems for industrial purposes.

Existing systems can generate a large amount of data, however they are of little value and are not very useful when it comes to making analysis and reports. However, a cloud-based remote monitoring platform with the right applications, can identify potential problems and patterns. This will help user obtain applicable information from the raw data gathered from equipments across multiple different sites. These systems can also schedule preventive maintenance, intervene and take corrective actions to avoid asset failure. In the same way, companies can make predictions, allowing them to intervene before a potential issues becomes real problems, and in turn cutting losses, eliminating risks and most importantly raising more revenue.

Most systems are designed to provide continuous data analytics and monitoring for remote sites using a platform that does not need any coding, has customized tools and applications readily available to the users. Router that connects the equipment wirelessly or via 3G network, works as the serial network backbone accumulating numerous data streams, converting data and transmitting them to the cloud.

LeadingQuest and Parlacom Brazil, one of the largest M2M providers both in the US and Brazil, offers cloud-based platform for their M2M services and customized Smart Grid solutions for Utility companies. Headed by its CEO, Clovis Lacerda, they understand the impact that such systems will make to your business. Mr. Lacerda believes that having the right equipment and applications are two very critical components of successfully utilizing the the huge amount of raw data. He further emphasized that this can be overwhelming but having the right custom-built software to convert the data into useable format is the key.

“You cannot afford to ignore environmental impacts to your business.Proactively facilitating the repair and maintenance of assets will allow more efficient use of resources. And cloud-based machine-to-machine solutions help drive low operating expenses.”

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