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Tax Regulation Opens More Doors for M2M Business in Brazil

The tax reduction regulation for M2M services is finally taking effect in March of next year as confirmed by Diário Oficial da União, Brazil’s federal gazette. The regulation targets to bring down installation and operation inspection fees that are paid by operators for all M2M terminals as part of the telecommunications fund. With this regulation […]

M2M Technology Advances Healthcare System

In this time and age of digital technology, changes in almost every aspect of human life are inevitable. Technology in itself is constantly evolving everyday. Inventions, new and better products are introduced to the market every now and then. The Healthcare system is no exception. Although, most medical equipments today still work as individual units, […]

GSM Association Salutes Brazil for M2M Tax Regulation

While Brazilian operators and telecom providers celebrate as the new tax rule is enforced, the GSMA (Groupe Speciale Mobile Association) salutes Brazilian government for its initiative to reduce taxes on (Machine-to-machine) M2M devices. The regulation was approved by President Dilma Roussef in September 2012 and announced by Minister Paulo Bernardo of Brazil’s Communication Ministry. The Telecommunication Inspection […]

Is BlackBerry The Next Major Player in M2M Market?

Despite setbacks, declining market presence in the past year and speculations that BlackBerry is leaving the Handset market, recent reports say that BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s plans for a turnaround includes playing a large part in the M2M market. “Turnaround isn’t just about being cash flow positive or creating a near-term strategy. It’s thinking long-term and identifying […]

Survery shows M2M Market status as Providers talk strategies

Infonetics Research, a market research company that conducted M2M Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey has released partial findings to the public. The survey was to profile insightful information regarding the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. Twenty M2M service providers all over the world participated the survey, companies contributing to a quarter of the global M2M service revenue. The study […]

LeadingQuest, Parlacom talk about their edge in the M2M Market

As recent survey led by Infonetics Research, showed that most M2M providers basically offer national scope, online administration and management of systems as well as SLAs. Almost 50% of all M2M connections additionally are set on auto and transportation, logistics, and ulitity provisions. It is revealed that most systems are still operating on 2G networks. […]

The Impending Death of Antivirus

More than a quarter century ago, Symantec Corp led the business of inventing antivirus software to help secure computers. These products primarily aim to prevent hackers from penetrating computer systems and networks. But when Brian Dye, one of the senior executives of Symantec Corp., told the Wall Street Journal that Antivirus is dead, it has caused a commotion among […]

Predictive Maintenance Information Over Cloud-based M2M Platform

As Manufacturing and Industrial enterprises inevitably take the lead in generating revenue for the M2M market, several different companies have taken advantage of this. Not only did these companies want to increase profit but also to create cost-efficient systems. Take for example, B&B Electronics, a US networking equipment supplier has partnered with an Internet of Things […]

MedMinder Introduces the New Generation’s Pill Box

Say goodbye to the good old pillbox and say hello to the next generation’s medicine dispenser. MedMinder recognizes how critical it is to take medications precisely as your specialist recommends. However, when medication intakes are improperly managed, several problems may arise, including stress for you and your loved ones. But with the number of pills and maintenance […]

BlackBerry invades IOT scene with Project Ion

Stories have been passing around that BlackBerry could be the next big playerin M2M. Finally, the company has taken the next step to realizing this vision when it announced Project Ion, a code name given for a series of initiatives and undertakings aimed to provide customers the tools and resources to be connected to people, machines and devices, […]