MedMinder Introduces the New Generation’s Pill Box

Say goodbye to the good old pillbox and say hello to the next generation’s medicine dispenser. MedMinder recognizes how critical it is to take medications precisely as your specialist recommends. However, when medication intakes are improperly managed, several problems may arise, including stress for you and your loved ones. But with the number of pills and maintenance drugs that patients are sometimes asked to take on a daily basis, religiously keeping track of this may be a challenge for most. And in some cases may result to hospital admissions due to medical errors.

MedMinder worked with one of the world’s leaders in digital security, to provide another cutting edge technology to address this concern. MedMinder introduced its new automated M2M-based pill dispenser that keeps track of medication intakes. This next generation pillbox also sends alerts to physicians and caregivers when supply is running low and makes orders for refills. It connects to an advanced M2M module transmitting data through a wireless network, connected to a central server, where health professionals can access via a secure web interface for easier and more convenient monitoring

The pillbox is also designed with an audio alarm to inform patients when it is time to take medication, patients can never go wrong. Aside from this, care providers can also receive information if doses are missed, which allows them to offer real time support. Another feature is the patients’ preferred means of communication. Patients can choose to enable text, email or phone call reminders. But most importantly, it is equipped with a Medical Alert system embedded into the device for a two-way voice channel for emergency use.

The invention enhances communication between patients and care providers, improving the patient’s overall well-being in gaining back their independence, and providing loved ones peace of mind.

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