Monthly Archives: April 2019

Home Automation: Is It Good or Bad

It is undeniable, home automation systems are ceasing the spotlight, especially after Apple announced at WDC that they will soon be getting into the market. New competitors and manufacturers of home automated devices are emerging today, bringing in new ideas and products aimed to outshine those that are already available to consumers. ABI Research’s study reveals that […]

Would the Current Bandwidth Hold Up to the Internet of Things?

Smart Cities and Smart Homes are now gaining momentum. Soon the Internet of Things will connect even the simplest device in your home to the internet. According to Cisco, there will be an estimate of 50 billion connected devices in 2020 and some forecasts even reveal higher numbers. This clearly suggests that there will be considerably more […]

Mexico Getting Ready for More of M2M Technology and IoT

Latin America has been considered in full-growth pace as far as M2M development is concerned. However, its adoption of this technology is still much slower than the rest of the world. Nevertheless, Latin America, particularly Mexico has one of the largest number of social media users in the West. This only proves that Mexico could help drive […]

Are We Ready for Connected Cars?

Reportstack released its newest market research publication entitled Connected Car M2M Connections & Services Market in the US 2014-2018. The report dealt with the key market trend such as Launch of LTE-based Connected Cars and other trends. But what does this really mean to consumers? We all know that everything is getting smart, from smartphones to smart […]

Is LTE the Future of M2M?

Twenty something years ago, the concept of interconnected devices and smart monitoring systems that require less or no human intervention were limited and mostly powered and operated by either large corporations or the government itself. But as technology shifts its focus on the Internet of Things and M2M technology, manufacturers, application developers and even consumers begin […]

2G Optimization: Is It The Solution to Network Congestion?

Research and Analysts Firm IDATE reported that the total number of mobile connections will exceed 8 billion globally by 2019. The firm stated that the number of mobile users will grow more than 21 percent in the next five years. The total number of mobile subscribers in the United Kingdom alone is expected to grow […]

Brazil Expected to Help Drive Big Data Growth

BMI, one of the leading independent, proprietary data analyst and provider, reports that there are significant possibilities for big data solutions in Brazil. According to the report, BMI states that the increase in the volume of data in the region is driven by the increased popularity of smartphone, growing deployment of cloud computing as well […]

Sascar Acquisition Presents Opportunities for Both Local and International Investors

Reports say that Michelin, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, has recently announced its interest and intent in buying all outstanding shares of Sascar, leading management and transportation solutions provider in Brazil. Michelin agreed to buy the company for 440 million euros with the goal of tapping into the rapid growth of the fleet […]