Datelo offers Virtual PBX phone systems to keep things simple, even for large businesses. With no complex hardware, it’s easy to manage your phone system from our web-based portal. You can access your phone system anywhere as long as you have access to a simple Internet connection. It’s easy to use and makes your business look complex and professional to potential customers.

Enjoy these benefits of a Virtual PBX call system:

  • Access phone systems 24/7 through web-based apps
  • Music and Messages on Hold
  •  Automated Receptionist
  •  Create Multiple Extensions
  •  Route Calls to Multiple Phones
  •  Dial by Name Directory
  •  Unified Messaging for Multiple Locations
  •  One Bill for Multiple Lines and Accounts
  •  Instant Call Notifications


Retain More Callers

Are long wait times costing you valuable orders? Do your customers get frustrated while sitting on hold to ask simple questions? Datelo offers the perfect solution with customized music and messages on hold. You can select music or messages to play while your customers wait. This is the perfect opportunity to give basic information and answer frequently asked questions. You can announce new products or promote your services. If you prefer to have music playing on hold, set your system to interrupt the music at timed intervals with a reassuring voice giving updates on hold times. We provide default voice prompts for easy set up or your record a customized message to encourage your callers to stay on the line.

Let Your Automated Receptionist Direct Call Traffic

Datelo’s virtual PBX system gives you the option to design an automated receptionist to answer calls and direct customers to the right extension. You can customize your auto attendant to give a custom greeting or select one of our professional defaults for fast set-up. Your automated receptionist can answer frequently asked questions or give directions to reach individual extensions. For example, your callers can hear, “Dial 1 for office hours. Dial 2 for billing. Dial 3 for customer support.”

Create Extensions on Multiple Work Sites

If your business is based in multiple departments or a wide span of locations, our Virtual PBX system will allow you to connect all of the individual factions into one centralized calling system. Set up extensions for each location and assign advanced voicemail and email options. You can customize each extension with unique music and messaging for hold times or set them to play announcements. Adding and deleting extensions is easy through our web-based portal so you can make changes with the click of a mouse.

Create the Appearance of a Sophistical Corporation

Even if you are an upcoming business with only a few employees, our Virtual PBX system can create the appearance of a large, sophisticated operation. You can create unlimited extensions for multiple departments, regardless of how many actual employees you plan to hire. If you are competing with large businesses employing hundreds of customer support representatives, the Virtual PBX system can create the illusion that even a two or three person staff is just as complex and sophisticated.

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